Get ready to rumble!

So you had a few pints with your mates then..!

The question is are you up the challenge? Not wishing to be seen as anything less than the hero of the night you take up your knife and fork and begin devouring one of the tastiest and succulent steaks you have ever been served.

The size is of no consequence as the food is wonderfully cooked and you didn’t even mind when your mates ordered you that extra portion of chips. Quite why we will never know because at Grills Steakhouse we are renowned for our general portions.

Its been a great evening and a marathon meal too, in fact its only now that you realise the enormity of the task and what’s even more exciting, there is only a few more mouthfuls to go before you can celebrate.

The restaurant has gone very quiet apart from the cheering on from your mates, which are growing in intensity. The manager is staring in disbelieve as you wryly smile at him, taking yet another mouthful of tender steak.

Somewhat slower now, but still there the fork moves down for the very last mouthful. The question burning on everyone’s mind is will you succeed…..?

So why not book in for your challenge and put us all out of the suspense?

About Us

Grills Steakhouse is a friendly 40 seater restaurant based in Pontypridd specialising in steak and homemade burgers.

We also serve 60oz steaks and mixed grills and the amazing 102oz burger, not to mention a range of delicious puddings for afters.

Whatever the occasion, you will find a warm welcome here at Grills. Steakhouse in Pontypridd.

Get in Touch

  • Grills Steakhouse< /br>Rear of the Llanover Arms, Bridge Street, Pontypridd, CF37 4PE

  • Phone: 01443 492 558


It is always a pleasure to reserve your favourite table, subject to availability. Feel free to ask.

Our friendly staff will be pleased to welcome you - see you soon!

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To avoid disappointment it is recommended you pre book for Sunday Lunch, Birthdays and other celebrations.